Accommodation for the renewable energy industry

We work as accommodation partners with a range of renewable energy clientele across britain and abroad who vary in size of the business and their unique requirements.


Below are examples of companies we currently provide accommodation solutions for:

A more simple way to book...

Donnini make it simple.

When booking with Donnini you will experience a fast and easy booking process. Accurate invoices the way you want them and if you give us your requirements, we will present tailored options.


Tailored solution.

We listen to your specific requirements and deliver a tailored solution. Tell us your dates and budget and we will have a package with flexible short or long term lets tailored for you and your employees’ individual needs.

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A more tailored service...

A more varied choice...

Our range is always growing!

Flexible stays from 1 night to multiple years, a fully tailored business accommodation solution, that’s Donnini. Our range is always growing!


Our apartments are the perfect short stay option for any worker or business. experience a superior, yet cost-effective solution ideal for you and/or your team

All of our apartments are in central, town centre locations making them easy to get to and from

No extra costs! that’s right, your wi-fi, electricity, heating and even netflix tv are all taken care of by us free of charge!

Up early or working a nightshift? Don’t worry, none of our properties has a curfew, all we ask is that you make as little noise as possible during the later hours out of respect for your neighbours.


Short term stays

Needing to extend your stay?

Are you thinking of staying for a few weeks or even multiple years?

We can and will accommodate you whatever your requirements are!

To make things even better… if you plan on staying longer, we’ll knock some extra pennies off for you allowing us to provide you with the most cost-effective stay possible. For example, longer stays over a month, guests will benefit from savings of between 10% and 40% in comparison to a hotel of the same standard meaning you’ll have more money to spend on the things that matter, like visiting a top attraction or a top-quality meal out!

Nothing matters more to us than making sure you get your monies worth, after all… that’s the donnini way


Donnini listen to your specific accommodation requirements and offer you a tailored solution that suits your needs - making it easy and time efficient for you.

We know you have budget constraints, unique needs and forever-changing plans, but Donnini are here to take away the hassle of organising exceptional accommodation that’s right for you.


Business accommodation for all budgets...

Get in touch with us - we look forward to working with you!