Bay View

With a fresh burst of colour and light – ‘Bay View’ will act as your tranquil home away from home located only a stone’s throw away from Ayr Beach

Ayr beach and Arran can be taken in effortlessly from your very own personal balcony, so be sure to crack open some wine and take it all in on a sunny day. This Donnini property is situated in a short walk from Ayr town centre, making it a prime location for restaurants, pubs and shopping. If relaxing is on the cards instead, be sure to make use of the newly refurbished kitchen for a home cooked meal and large lounge area to spend with loved ones. Add this altogether and this property forms as a MUST for any keen traveller to the seaside.

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So why choose Donnini? Perhaps it’s because we offer our guests more than you might expect – spacious, modern apartments and villas with professionally designed interiors and high-tech facilities? Or perhaps it’s the little extras like premium quality hotel linen, fluffy white towels and toiletries? It could be the inclusive 24-hour concierge service – our guarantee to be on hand 24/7 throughout your stay. We think it’s all of these things that help make your stay a fabulous experience.