Harbour House

It’s the feeling you get when you walk through the lounge doors, leaving all your stresses behind as you’re hit with the wonderful view of the River Ayr.

Donnini welcome you to ‘Harbour House’, grab some glasses and enjoy some wine as you watch the sun set from your very own ground floor balcony. Beaming and vibrant, this property oozes an atmosphere set for a content and relaxing stay – not to mention, this Donnini Apartment is also positioned in a fantastic location for exploring, shopping and fine dining!

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So why choose Donnini? Perhaps it’s because we offer our guests more than you might expect – spacious, modern apartments and villas with professionally designed interiors and high-tech facilities? Or perhaps it’s the little extras like premium quality hotel linen, fluffy white towels and toiletries? It could be the inclusive 24-hour concierge service – our guarantee to be on hand 24/7 throughout your stay. We think it’s all of these things that help make your stay a fabulous experience.