Millbrae Residence Ayr

Situated in the heart of Ayr – ‘Millbrae Residence’ is in the ideal spot to relax and unwind.

Eradicate any of your day to day obstacles and be transported to a chilled-out space with an expertly decorated interior, this modern spot also hosts a large living and dining area fit for relaxing but also entertaining.

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So why choose Donnini? Perhaps it’s because we offer our guests more than you might expect – spacious, modern apartments and villas with professionally designed interiors and high-tech facilities? Or perhaps it’s the little extras like premium quality hotel linen, fluffy white towels and high end toiletries? It could be the inclusive 24 hour concierge service – our guarantee to be on hand 24/7 throughout your stay. We think it’s all of these things that help make your stay a fabulous experience.